Balsamic Condiment “Leggendario 26”


Available in the antique 100 ml inkwell.

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Matured in barrels made of various precious woods, our Balsamic Condiment “Legendario 26” is harmonious, balanced, round, full, intense and enveloping on the palate. Its structurally complex taste is enhanced by persistent tannic notes. It is produced in the quiet of our Acetaia in Modena, thanks to the combination of Cooked Must from the indigenous grapes grown on the family’s land and quality Wine Vinegar.

These carefully selected ingredients are mixed and left to rest for a very long time. This stage of production allows the Balsamic Condiment to present unique organoleptic characteristics, right from the first taste.

The one proposed by the “Legendary 26” is a symphony of flavours to be tasted, enclosed in the ancient 100 ml Inkwell.


Cooked grape must, wine vinegar. It is a 100% natural product. It contains no preservatives, colouring agents, thickeners, antioxidants, sweeteners or added sulphites.

Acidity: < 4.5%.

Density: 1.34

In the kitchen: This Balsamic Condiment is a delicious choice to enhance the flavour of medium-aged cheeses, puddings and strawberries.