Balsamic condiment “Anfora 26”


Available in a precious hand-painted ceramic amphora of 100 ml or 250 ml.


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Balsamic Condiment “Anfora 26” has a unique and captivating taste and a colour that will win you over at first glance. These special characteristics are mainly due to the slow maturation of the product in different types of barrels. Oak, Acacia, Mulberry and Cherry are the precious woods that are chosen with the intention of offering a product with a very wide bouquet and a rounded flavour, structurally complex and characterised by fresh fruity scents.

This Balsamic Condiment is the result of an elaborate and fascinating recipe, handed down from generation to generation, which allows you to surprise with a product with an enveloping density. It is enhanced by the hand-painted ceramic amphora that encloses it and makes it a great treasure, expressing all the quality and uniqueness of Acetaia Marchi’s products. The precious ceramic amphora, containing our Balsamic Condiment, is available in 100 ml or 250 ml.


Cooked grape must, wine vinegar. It is a 100% natural product. It contains no preservatives, colouring agents, thickeners, antioxidants, sweeteners or added sulphites.

Acidity: < 4.5%.

Density: 1.34

In the kitchen: This Balsamic Condiment is delicious with carpaccio, prawns and various pastry products.