White Organic Seasoning


Questo Condimento Biologico Bianco viene proposto in bottiglia Marasca da 250 ml.

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Organic White Condiment is a product made from a mixture of cooked Trebbiano grape must and wine vinegar. The mixture is processed to obtain a product of appreciable density and with a delicate taste. For the preparation of this Organic Condiment only white Trebbiano grapes of the territory are chosen, cultivated with the Organic method and with a special care for nature.

With its straw-yellow hue, this product will win over any connoisseur and is perfect for those who want to add flavour to their creations without altering their colour. This Organic White Condiment comes in a 250 ml Marasca bottle.


Concentrated Grape Must, Wine Vinegar. It is a 100% organic product. Contains no preservatives, colourings, thickeners, antioxidants, sweeteners or added sulphites.

Acidity: < 5%.

Density: about 1.21

In the kitchen: This organic condiment is ideal for daily use to add flavour to your dishes and can be used instead of wine vinegar.