Welcome to Modena: the initiative to relaunch tourism

The last year has put everyone to the test and tourism in our city and many other cities in Italy has suffered. The pandemic, however, cannot stop us. And this is why Welcome to Modena has been created. Conceived to relaunch tourism in our region, this initiative is very important and that’s why we’ve decided to be part of it.

A voucher available to tourists

Are you planning a long trip to Modena and its province or just a weekend in the Modena hills to rediscover art, the territory and flavours? Would you like to visit the towns and villages in the area or go trekking in the Modena Apennines? In any case, you can take advantage of the Welcome to Modena initiative and benefit from one or more vouchers to spend within the territory. This is our welcome to all tourists who book in our province.

How does the Welcome to Modena offer work?

To take advantage of this offer, you must book a stay of at least two nights by accessing the welcometomodena.it website. Once you have done so, all you have to do is plan your trip, consulting sites such as visitmodena.it, and get ready to leave! Upon arrival at the accommodation facility where you made your reservation, you will receive Welcome to Modena vouchers.

What is the value of the vouchers earned?

Every tourist who books through the initiative’s website will be entitled to one or more vouchers, the value of which will depend on the cost of their stay. If you book two nights between Friday and Sunday, you will receive one or more vouchers worth a total of 40% of the cost of your stay. For bookings made between Monday and Thursday, the total value of the vouchers received will correspond to 30% of the cost of the room and breakfast.

Where can Welcome to Modena vouchers be spent?

There are many activities that have joined the initiative. Therefore, the vouchers can be spent in numerous restaurants, agritourisms, shops selling typical or handmade products, bars, wine shops and much more. The participating businesses are located in the historic centre of Modena and also in many other locations in the province.

The vouchers can be spent in many museums and to pay for some guided tours, courses, workshops, excursions and many other exciting activities. They can even be used to visit some local farms and to go and taste or buy products such as Parmigiano Reggiano or balsamic vinegar… You can come and taste the balsamic vinegar with us!


detail of the cathedral of modena

Welcome to Modena: an initiative not to be underestimated

As you will have understood, Welcome to Modena is a very interesting initiative and all the tourists who participate will be able to help us promote our territory. In the meantime they will be able to admire the many beauties of Modena and its surroundings, taste typical products and save money without sacrificing quality.

The project to relaunch tourism in the province of Modena is supported by the Chamber of Commerce. All accommodation facilities in the area have been given the opportunity to participate. The same opportunity has been offered to all micro and small enterprises in Modena and its province belonging to various tourism-related sectors. So we decided to join!

We at Acetaia Marchi also want to support tourism and relaunch our territory. Therefore, we are proud of the Welcome to Modena initiative and hope that you will be able to participate in large numbers. You can use the vouchers in our vinegar factory, maybe to book a visit and discover how we produce our balsamic… We look forward to seeing you!