A rejuvenating experience, from walking among the vines to visiting the vinegar cellar

Immersed in the daily hustle and bustle, we often forget the healing power that can come from connecting with nature and traditions. With these assumptions in mind, today we invite you to join us on a unique journey and enjoy a rejuvenating experience that goes beyond a simple walk among the vines and will end with
A visit to the vinegar cellar. We will discover a world of aromas, flavors and stories intertwined among the green hills of vineyards and ancient vinegar cellars. We will tell you about an experience that can not only satisfy the senses but also regenerate body and soul.

The walk through the vineyards of the province of Modena

The experience begins with an immersion in the tranquil landscape of a vineyard.
According to a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, walking in nature not only reduces stress, but can also improve concentration and mood. Of course, however, our main purpose is not only to make you relax, but to tell you how balsamic vinegar is created. Precisely for this reason, before moving on to a visit to the vinegar cellar, we take our guests to our own vineyards.
It is in these lands that the raw material from which we make balsamic is born, and it is here that we will begin to tell you how we work, not forgetting anecdotes and important pieces of history.

The next step: from grapes to a visit to the vinegar cellar

From the vineyard, we will move to the our vinegar cellar. It is a place where tradition reigns, where the art of turning grapes into cooked must and then into balsamic vinegar has been handed down for generations and generations.
Balsamic vinegar is not only a condiment, but also a concentration of health benefits: it contains antioxidants and compounds that can help improve digestion.
We will tell you about the craftsmanship, show you the steps of production and our fine barrels, and also tell you about all the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of our balsamic.

The ritual of tasting

Every self-respecting visit to a vinegar cellar ends with a ritual as old as it is modern: the tasting of balsamic vinegar. We do this during production, to ensure that ours are always vinegars of quality. You will be able to taste Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP to discover with your sense of taste what characteristics make these products true Italian excellences. Thanks to the degustation you can learn about all the organoleptic nuances of Modena’s Black Gold.


A visit to the vinegar cellar that becomes a rejuvenating experience!

In conclusion, we can say one thing: this experience will prove to be not just an escape from routine, but a rejuvenating organoleptic journey. The scent of grapes, that of cooked must and ready-made balsamic and the heady flavors of this condiment will be joined by a mix of history, science and tradition. We at Acetaia Marchi are ready to guide you through a journey that goes beyond just sightseeing in the area.
A visit to acetaia is a unique, engaging and rejuvenating experience. In a fast-paced world, taking the time to rediscover the wonderful traditions of the Modena area is definitely a very good idea! You can find more details and book avisit to our acetaia by clicking QUI.