How to use balsamic condiments in cooking

If you love balsamic condiments and would like to find out more about new ways of making full use of their culinary characteristics, read on. We’ll be offering suggestions, solutions and products you should try as soon as possible.

What are balsamic condiments and what are their main characteristics?

Balsamic condiments are food and wine products made from cooked must and wine vinegar. The combination of the latter, following the achievement of acetic fermentation, allows the development of different notes of flavour capable of enveloping and conquering every palate. In most cases, these condiments are dark and boast a sweet and sour flavour. There are various types, differing in density and taste.

Balsamic condiments owe their deliciousness above all to the ageing to which they are subjected: they are left to rest in wooden barrels for a long time. This allows them to acquire different nuances of flavour, which vary according to the type of wood in which they are stored. The role of balsamic condiments is to enhance the flavour of each dish and give each dish many different nuances of taste.

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How to use these products in the kitchen?

These products are particularly popular because of their versatility. In fact, they can be used for both starters and other courses (including dessert). The purpose of balsamic seasonings is to enhance the flavour of the dishes they are to season, but not to conceal it. It is therefore important to dose them carefully, so as not to cover up too much of the taste of the dishes. Depending on the type of product and the seasoning chosen, it will be possible to create a combination of flavours that will tickle even the most difficult palates.

There are so many recipes for using these condiments in the kitchen. They are best appreciated in combination with cooked and raw vegetables. They can also be used for the preparation of meat dishes and to further flavor buffalo mozzarella , some sauces and salads .

They can even enhance certain desserts: balsamic dressings are particularly good in fruit salads or in combination with jams. In any case, they can reawaken traditional flavours and add great quality to prepared dishes.

Where can you find tasty and genuine balsamic condiments?

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