What are balsamic condiments?

We often hear about balsamic condiments and their use for recipes or for preparations of various kinds, without really knowing their nature. This article will explore this topic and present the most commonly used varieties of this extraordinary product.

Balsamic condiments are products that are different from balsamic vinegar, and are obtained by mixing cooked grape must with a quality wine vinegar. Just as with classic balsamic vinegar, this product is made to ripen in special wooden barrels. This allows the process of fermentation of the vinegar to take place and leads to the vinegar acquiring the scent and taste typical of the balsamic condiment. But how many types are there? Let us get to know the various balsamic condiments, citing their different peculiarities.

The differences between condiments and balsamic vinegar

First, it is necessary to explain the basic characteristics of this tasty product. You may have wondered what the difference is between balsamic vinegar and balsamic condiments. This may be mainly because the ingredients and the production process are very similar to those used in the preparation of Aceto Balsamico di Modena I.G.P. Traditional P.D.O. vinegar, on the other hand, is produced using only cooked must.

The condiments are distinguished from classic balsamic by their characteristic density and consistency. Among other things, they are not regulated by specifications such as the D.O.P. and I.G.P. and therefore do not need to undergo any specific ageing procedures. Furthermore, even the choice of bottling is reserved to the producer, who may use containers of any type.

As far as balsamic vinegar is concerned, this may only be marketed after a certain period of ageing. For Traditional D.O.P., in particular, the use of additives is not permitted. Furthermore, the product must only be bottled in 100 ml glass bottles designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Some examples of balsamic condiments

Among the various products on the market, you will find different types of balsamic seasonings. Our own, the ones made by Acetaia Marchi, are characterised by their varying acidity and density, and are made from cooked grape must and the best quality wine vinegar on the market. They are all 100% natural products and contain no preservatives, colourings, thickeners, antioxidants, sweeteners or added sulphites.


Here are some of our balsamic condiments

Among the varieties we offer are:

The Delicate 6” is a dark brown coloured balsamic condiment that will win you over with its sweet flavour. Very delicate and pleasant, it is recommended for everyday use and ideal for flavouring various dishes.

Reserve 16” is another one of our prestigious balsamic condiments. It is the result of combining a fine must cooked must and an excellent wine vinegar. It is clear black in colour and has a intense flavour in which you can discern fruity notes. It is perfect to enhance your risottos, but also shrimps and frittatas.

  • Legendary 26” is a product with a intense taste, matured for long time in quality wooden barrels. It is a delight for the palate. It is one of the balsamic condiments that you can enjoy with cheeses that are not too mature, on strawberries or even on a simple budino.
  • The White Organic Vinegar is a unique product made from a mix of grape must concentrate and Wine Vinegar. With its straw-yellow hue, it boasts an appreciable density and a delicate flavour. Only White Trebbiano grapes from the region, cultivated using the organic method, are chosen for the preparation of this dressing.


Where to buy balsamic condiments: our own production

At Acetaia Marchi we put a great deal of care, a lot of passion and a high degree of attention to detail into our production. This drives us to prepare a wide range of genuine products, suitable for every palate. If you are curious to try a type of product characterised by exceptional quality, then you should definitely make a trip to our Bottega, where you will have the opportunity to buy the products we prepare with great passion. Our producers will be able to advise you on the types of balsamic condiments best suited to your tastes and answer all your curious questions, detailing all the characteristics that make our condiments unique.

Find out all about vinegar

Are you a enthusiast of the world of balsamic condiments and balsamic vinegar and would you like to learn all about their preparation and long-standing tradition? If you are passing through the Modena area and wondering what to see, you can book a guided tour at our Acetaia. Thanks to this extraordinary immersive experience, you can learn all the particularities of the history of these products and discover all the secrets of the producers. In fact, we offer our customers various packages of visits to the Acetaia available in numerous languages, to satisfy the curiosity of all enthusiasts.

Thanks to the availability of the masters acetai, visitors will be able to share their experiences with these professionals, who will be able to answer all their questions and take them on a discovery of this wonderful world. Walking through the vineyards, the guides will explain the history of these places and the importance they hold within the culture and cucine typical of Emilia-Romagna. By taking part in the private tastings included in the tour package, participants will be able to experience at first hand the high quality of the products we prepare and the different varieties of balsamic condiments and traditional balsamic vinegar, and enjoy a tasteful and traditional experience.

What to see in Modena: a tasting at our acetaia

With a visit to Acetaia Marchi, you can experience atasting moment tasting for your palate, in the Modena area. With our tasting tours you can discover the secrets and tradition of our finely-prepared products, guaranteeing you an exceptional tasting experience, getting to know some of Italy’s gastronomic excellence most recognised and celebrated worldwide.

We invite you to take part in our guided tours and discover all the products prepared at Acetaia Marchi: our balsamic condiments are all high quality, genuine and made using traditional methods. They will win you over from the first taste, we are waiting for you!