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Lasagne light

Lasagne is always popular, even in light versions. This recipe features rocket as the main ingredient, accompanied by goat’s milk ricotta, Parmesan cheese, walnuts and balsamic dressing. This combination of ingredients makes for a unique first course.


4 sheets of lasagne pasta
100 g rocket
80 g of goat’s cheese
20 g of Parmesan cheese
20 g of walnuts
Balsamic Dressing


To prepare the light lasagne with Balsamic Dressing, start by combining the Parmesan with the ricotta. Blanch the lasagne pasta and cut two strips from each sheet. Assemble the lasagne with a layer of pasta, a layer of ricotta and Parmesan, the rocket and finally the walnuts. The walnuts can also be blended and added to the cheese. The important thing is to keep some aside for decoration of the final layer. Finish by pouring the Balsamic Dressing on top.

Recommended pairing

For this lasagne we recommend our Balsamic Condiment “La Riserva 15”, which is suitable for creams.

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