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How to use balsamic condiments in cooking

If you love balsamic condiments and would like to find out more about new ways of making full use of their culinary characteristics, read on. We'll be offering suggestions, solutions and products you should try as soon as possible.

What are balsamic condiments and what are their main characteristics?

Balsamic condiments are food and wine products made from cooked must and wine vinegar. The combination of the latter, following the achievement of acetic fermentation, allows the development of different notes of flavour capable of enveloping and conquering every palate. In most cases, these condiments are dark and boast a sweet and sour flavour. There are various types, differing in density and taste.

Balsamic condiments owe their deliciousness above all to the ageing to which they are subjected: they are left to rest in wooden barrels for a long time. This allows them to acquire different nuances of flavour, which vary according to the type of wood in which they are stored. The role of balsamic condiments is to enhance the flavour of each dish and give each dish many different nuances of taste.

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How to use these products in the kitchen?

These products are particularly popular because of their versatility. In fact, they can be used for both starters and other courses (including dessert). The purpose of balsamic seasonings is to enhance the flavour of the dishes they are to season, but not to conceal it. It is therefore important to dose them carefully, so as not to cover up too much of the taste of the dishes. Depending on the type of product and the seasoning chosen, it will be possible to create a combination of flavours that will tickle even the most difficult palates.

There are so many recipes for using these condiments in the kitchen. They are best appreciated in combination with cooked and raw vegetables. They can also be used for the preparation of meat dishes and to further flavor buffalo mozzarella , some sauces and salads .

They can even enhance certain desserts: balsamic dressings are particularly good in fruit salads or in combination with jams. In any case, they can reawaken traditional flavours and add great quality to prepared dishes.

Where can you find tasty and genuine balsamic condiments?

To bring all the flavour of tradition to the table, it is always advisable to buy these condiments directly from the vinegar producers of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Acetaia Marchi also offers a large selection of high-quality balsamic condiments. We also recommend that you try our exclusive White Organic Seasoning: an excellence not to be underestimated!

All Condimenti Balsamici di Acetaia Marchi are made from cooked grape must and wine vinegar, and left to rest in fine wooden barrels. The Pregiati, the Riserve, the Leggendari and our other products are waiting to win you over with their unique taste, but also with their small bottles of refined and elegant design. They are so beautiful that you can collect them. Word of Acetaia Marchi!

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Our balsamic vinegar sauces, compotes and jams

Acetaia Marchi was founded on a great passion for balsamic vinegar. We produce many different products while respecting traditions and always ensuring the high quality of the raw materials. Our company is not limited to the production of balsamic vinegar: we offer different balsamic condiments and also many sauces prepared with the addition of this extraordinary condiment, compotes and jams made with balsamic vinegar.

Our fine sauces, jams and compotes

Today we are going to talk a little bit about our products, focusing on sauces, jams and compotes. To give you an idea of the main characteristics of the various types of food we offer, we will present three of our products. Read on to find out more about our organic sweet and sour blueberry sauce with organic Balsamic Vinegar from Modena and our Extra Black Sour Cherry Jam. Next, we will also show you the peculiarities of Acetaia Marchi's Organic Amarena cherry compote.

The organic sweet and sour sauce with blueberries and organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

To produce this sauce we use only local raw materials, we choose genuine fruits and follow the peasant tradition. We use a slow and gentle cooking process to preserve the flavours. We use no preservatives and do not add sugar, thickeners or pectin.

Our sauces are all like this. They are made with a high fruit content and the addition of our Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. This combination allows us to create a delicious contrast that tastes like tradition.

Our organic sweet and sour sauce of blueberries and Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. is excellent with cheeses such as Parmesan and mature pecorino. It is also very much appreciated with ricotta cheese. It is very tasty on polenta croutons and can enhance the flavour of game.


In addition to blueberry sauce, we also offer apricot, pear, strawberry, sour cherry and fig jam, all of which are obviously enhanced by the addition of our Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Extra Sour Cherries Jam

Visciole jam is also a product made exclusively with fruit and natural sugars (those already contained in the fruit), without the addition of thickeners, preservatives, colouring agents or pectin. This jam is ideal for enhancing the flavour of baked meats and also as an accompaniment to mature cheeses.

Brush Organic Black Cherry Compote

Our Organic Burnt Black Cherry Compote is one of the most appreciated products by our customers. It is made with genuine fruits from Modena and its province, using the slow cooking methods typical of rural traditions.

Once picked, the fruit is cooked in open boilers over direct heat. In practice, we reproduce the artisanal recipe, resulting in an authentic product with no preservatives, colourings, pectin or added sugar.

Our Amarena cherry compote is recommended for a wholesome breakfast and is distinguished by its special flavour due to the high concentration of fruit.

Balsamic vinegar sauces, compotes and jams: all to be savoured!

Our products are made using only natural raw materials, without the use of additives and following simple recipes and artisan procedures that respect tradition. These are the special features of all our Balsamic vinegar sauces, compotes and jams. How about bringing our products to the table? We are waiting for you!

mozzarella and tomatoes dressed with balsamic vinegar from Modena I.G.P.

What are balsamic condiments?

mozzarella and tomatoes dressed with balsamic vinegar from Modena I.G.P.

Balsamic condiments are products made by mixing concentrated grape must with quality wine vinegar. Just as with classic balsamic vinegar, the product is matured in special wooden barrels. This allows the fermentation process of the vinegar to be completed and leads to the food acquiring the typical aroma and flavour of the balsamic dressing. Let's get to know the various balsamic dressings by mentioning their different characteristics.

The differences between condiments and balsamic vinegar

You may have wondered what the difference is between balsamic vinegar and balsamic condiments. This may be mainly because the ingredients and the production process are very similar to those used for the preparation of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.G.I. Traditional P.G.I. vinegar, on the other hand, is produced using only cooked must.

The condiments are distinguished by their density and consistency. Among other things, they are not governed by specifications like traditional D.O.P. and Balsamic I.G.P. and do not have to undergo specific ageing procedures. The choice of bottling is also reserved to the producer, who may use any type of container.

Balsamic vinegar can only be marketed after a certain period of ageing. For the traditional PDO, in particular, the use of additives is not permitted. Furthermore, the product must only be bottled in 100 ml glass bottles.

Some examples of balsamic condiments

Among the various products on the market, you will find different types of balsamic condiments. Our own, i.e. those of Acetaia Marchi, are characterised by variable acidity and density. They are made from cooked grape must and wine vinegar. They are all 100% natural products and contain no preservatives, dyes, thickeners, antioxidants, sweeteners or added sulphites.


Here are some of our balsamic seasoning products

  • "Il Delicato 6" is a dark brown balsamic seasoning that will win you over with its sweet and sour flavour. Very delicate and pleasant, it is recommended for daily use and ideal for seasoning various dishes.
  • "La Riserva 16" is another of our prestigious balsamic dressings. It is the result of the combination of a fine cooked must and an excellent wine vinegar. It is clear black in colour and has an intense flavour with fruity notes. It is perfect to enhance your risottos, but also prawns and fritters.
  • "Prezioso 9": the name says it all about this condiment made from the best grapes. The racking in acacia barrels gives the product a special creaminess and aroma. You can use this condiment to enrich many different dishes.
  • "Leggendario 26" is a product with an intense taste, matured for a long time in quality wooden barrels. It is a delight for the palate. It is one of the balsamic seasonings that you can enjoy with not too mature cheeses, on strawberries or even on a simple pudding.
  • The Organic white Condiment is a unique product made from a mixture of cooked grape must and wine vinegar. With its straw-yellow hue, it boasts appreciable density and a delicate taste. For the preparation of this condiment, only white Trebbiano grapes from the region, organically grown, are chosen.

We invite you to discover all our products: our balsamic condiments are all of high quality, genuine and prepared using traditional methods. They will win you over from the first taste!