Why choose an Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI over the classic one?

Balsamic vinegar is a condiment that can give “that extra touch” to any dish, whether sweet or savoury. It is a masterfully crafted product, using ancient techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. However, it is good to consider that not all products have the same characteristics. Modena Balsamic Vinegar that bears the PGI denomination, for example, has aromatic notes that are perceptible to both taste and smell, making it different from other types of vinegar on the market.

The characteristics of Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI Organic is a condiment made from cooked grape must combined with wine vinegar in varying percentages. The designation “organic” indicates that it is produced without chemicals. This means that even the grapes used come from organic farming in the area (in particular Trebbiano, Lambrusco, Berzemino and Spergola), grown without pesticides.

The result of processing, carried out with the natural fermentation of the must and completed with ageing in wooden barrels, is a vinegar with a particularly smooth taste. The PGI indication, on the other hand, specifies that the product has been produced in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, according to precise specifications, which then requires ageing for at least 60 days.

The advantages of Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

Balsamic vinegar produced organically has higher prices than classic vinegar, due precisely to the higher production costs. Therefore, one might ask why go for this type of vinegar. There are several reasons for this: organic production is also sustainable, environmentally friendly and therefore good for the health of those who consume it.

To cultivate grapes for organic vinegar, the soil is nourished with natural substances that respect its balance, such as plant fertilisers and natural compost. Any animals are also respected, as pesticides are not used, which could leak into the environment and harm the various species around them. To eliminate pests, on the other hand, mechanical or non-toxic methods are used.  Finally, organic vinegar obtained by such methods is characterised by a brilliant colour, a velvety flavour, a fruity odour and an acidity level of 6%. Because of this, it is perfect for adding flavour from the simplest to the most structured foods.


Pairing Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

As already mentioned, this type of vinegar lends itself to many combinations. In fact, itsflavour is fresh, fruity and light. Precisely because of these characteristics, it can be used raw to add flavour to a variety of salads and pinzimoni, as an alternative to traditional vinegar.

It also goes well with appetisers and aperitifs of grilled vegetables and mature cheeses, especially those with a spicy aftertaste. It can also be used, however, on marinated fish or meat. Pairings with desserts or fruit may seem daring, but cream cotta with vinegar topping or a slice of strawberries topped with brown sugar and a dash of vinegar make a very interesting end to a meal, and leave the mouth clean and refreshed even after a rather rich meal.