Tradition encapsulated in a food and wine tasting of Modenese cuisine

Modena, despite being a municipality with less than 200,000 inhabitants, is known all over the world. Among other reasons, we should certainly mention the production of luxury sports cars, the artistic heritage, and the strong link with music through leading figures such as Luciano Pavarotti.

However, there are also other factors that have made Modena so popular all over the world, and the main one is undoubtedly its cuisine. Who in fact does not know the Emilian cuisine? In Modena, this type of cuisine becomes a true art, so much so that a food and wine tasting of Modenese cuisine is an experience that alone is worth the trip.

The delicacies of Modena and its surroundings

This extraordinary municipality offers an absolutely unique park of attractions that is at its best when the visitor sits down to a meal. Indeed, it is to Emilian cuisine that we owe the birth of lasagna, a typical dish known throughout the world. Emilia is also the home of Parmigiano, prosciutto and the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. We are talking about products that reach the absolute heights of notoriety for their exquisite taste and that have become true Italian myths.

It is extraordinary to consider that all these culinary marvels come from such a small area. Modena in particular stands out for several dishes that, when you visit, you must try. Obviously, one must try the Tigelle, a true Modenese must, topped with squacquerone and mortadella or other typical cured meats. Some may prefer gnocco fritto, as an alternative. What about the lasagna? A true myth of Italian cuisine that absolutely must be tasted in Modena, in the land from which it originated. And the tortellini? This was the real dish of the festive season in the Modena area, and is an ever-popular alternative to lasagna.

We could finish our lunch with IGP cotechino and wash it down with a good Lambrusco di Modena Doc. Amidst so many delicacies to attract visitors to Modena there is also another product that we find on millions of tables around the world: Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

food and wine tasting-modena

The food and wine tasting

Organising a food and wine tasting is undoubtedly the best way to get to know Modena, its history and the soul of its inhabitants. In the city you will find many producers and companies that offer tastings of various types that prove to be extraordinarily interesting in many respects, as well as exquisite! Visits to vinegar cellars, for example, allow you to come into contact with an extremely fascinating environment: that of the so-called ‘Black Gold of Modena‘. We are talking about Balsamic Vinegar, which it will be possible to get to know, through guided tours, in all its technical and historical nuances and, above all, at the end of the tour it will be possible to taste its most delicate aromas and flavours.

A similar experience can be had with Lambrusco DOC, which stands out in the Italian wine scene for being a sparkling and lively red, very fruity, light and genuine. The gastronomic tastings in Modena are a true tradition, created to highlight the many high-quality local products, but which has become a way of living and appreciating the good things in life.