Organic Burnt Black Cherry Compote


Single product size: 210 gr.

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Our Organic Burnt Black Cherry Compote is a high quality product. This is mainly due to the raw materials used. They come from our areas of Modena and province and are chosen with great care. Organic Amarena cherries are subjected to the most traditional cooking processes, very similar to those once used by local farmers.

The fruit is placed in open boilers over direct heat and gently cooked according to the traditional method. This procedure allows the flavour of the sour cherries to be preserved. All fruit and only sugars naturally contained in it: this is our secret. We have chosen to prefer the simplest recipe, prepared according to tradition, without the addition of colourings, preservatives, thickeners, antioxidants or added sulphites. Our aim has always been to offer products with one of the highest fruit contents on the market.

Our Organic Amarena cherry compote is ideal for those who like to enjoy a healthy and hearty breakfast. Its high concentration of fruit and rediscoverable flavour will allow anyone to start the day with a smile.

Single product size: 210 gr.