Extra Visciole jam


A delicious combination of Visciole jam and sugar that enriches baked goods and enhances the taste of mature cheeses.

Single product format: 250 gr.

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Extra Visciole jam is the ideal product for those who want to bring a lot of goodness, authenticity and quality to the table. The peculiarities of this jam are mainly due to the careful choice of raw materials used, which always come from our territory. To make the product even more special we have chosen a simple recipe, prepared according to traditional methods: all fruit and only sugar naturally contained in it.

We do not use colouring agents, preservatives, thickeners, antioxidants or added sulphites, but only guarantee a high fruit content, among the highest on the market. We also favour slow cooking processes, which reproduce traditional peasant procedures. The carefully selected and harvested fruit is placed in open boilers over direct heat and gently cooked according to the traditional method. In this way, the fruit retains its flavour.

Our Extra Sour Cherry Jam is delicious on bread, but it can also be spread on many baked goods and used in desserts. It is also able to enhance the taste of many mature cheeses, making it perfect for hors d’oeuvres and aperitifs with friends.

Single product size: 250 g.