Balsamic vinegar with ice cream: delicious summer combinations

As we know, with the arrival of summer, the desire to cook decreases and with it, the desire to enjoy a good ice cream increases exponentially. Have you ever tried topping it with Balsamic Vinegar? If not, you should definitely not miss this article. Which ice cream flavours are best suited to this type of combination? Let’s find out together.

How about a strawberry sundae with balsamic vinegar?

We can’t start this list of combinations without mentioning the most famous par excellence: strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar. This nutritious and delicious red fruit appeals to young and old alike. Its accentuated sweetness is perfectly enveloped by the pungent taste of Balsamic Vinegar. The result? A whirlwind of flavours that you won’t be able to live without.

In short, strawberries taste even better with balsamic vinegar and so does the frosted fruit. Our advice? Prepare a nice bowl of ice cream and top it with fresh strawberry pieces. Then add Balsamic Vinegar. You won’t regret it!

Cream and Balsamic Vinegar: the perfect couple

If you are part of the gluttonous team, the cream ice cream is sure to be a favourite. A light drizzle of balsamic vinegar can give your sundae some oomph and personality, making it an experience you will definitely want to repeat. For a true masterpiece, complete the bowl with wild strawberries.
strawberry and balsamic vinegar ice cream

Kaiser Pears with Balsamic Vinegar

Keiser pears can be recognised by looking at the neck of the fruit, which has a long, slender stem. Their taste is very special: aromatic and sugary, they are particularly suitable for making ice cream. The best way to tone down the sweetness of this ice cream is to pair it with balsamic vinegar and finish the bowl with a handful of peeled almond flakes. It will win you over, just try it!

Balsamic vinegar: goodness always at hand

Balsamic vinegar is a world-famous Italian product that has become a real joker in the kitchen. With its unmistakable sweet and sour flavour, it is the perfect condiment for sweet and savoury recipes. The beauty of the culinary world is that there are no impassable limits, and the combination of balsamic vinegar with ice cream is clear proof of this. Always have the courage to experiment: hunger and curiosity will lead you to wonderful discoveries!

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